Monts de Guéret

Is it due to its castles, the guardians of its splendour or is it down to its timeless legends? Have its unique qualities, exemplified by its streams and forests, given... Further information

This wide-ranging museum, the only one of its kind in the Limousin region, has exceptional works of art representing various strong themes. Discover numerous impressionist paintings created by the artists... Further information

Be a privileged observer of one of the most fascinating predators ...situated in the heart of the Chabrières forest, just a few miles from Guéret, the Loups de Chabrières animal... Further information

Jardin de Valmaubrune

The Val Maubrune garden is a "landscaped garden" that's completely integrated into the undulating countryside of la Creuse. The garden covers 1.3 hectares and is surrounded by 6 hectares of... Further information