Welcome to les Monts de Guéret (The Guéret Mountains)

Is it due to its castles, the guardians of its splendour or is it down to its timeless legends? Have its unique qualities, exemplified by its streams and forests, given it its magic?  Perhaps it is its inhabitants, the descendants of the first poets and minstrels (the Troubadours), who welcome you with their “Occitan” language? No-one has truly been able to solve this mystery. But one fact remains certain: come and visit us, and share in the adventure…

Monts de Guéret

Send all walkers our way!

The Monts de Guéret area comprises a range of mountains of moderate height (with an average altitude of 686m) which is largely rural in nature. Located in the heart of France and in the Department of Creuse, the Monts de Guéret are integrated into a protected environment offering an opportunity for tourism very much geared towards nature.

Whether in its mountains or valleys, join in discovering the vast Chabrières forest, amble through Maupuy and meander along the banks of the rivers Gartempe and Creuse. Whether hiking, fishing, climbing or mountain biking, come along and discover all these activities in these natural surroundings.

Are you an adventurous soul? If so, come along and discover this area - its rivers, its lakes and its forests including ‘La Station Sports Nature’ , which offers various activities during the summer months for both young and old.

You won’t be able to resist coming here!

The ‘Must-Dos’ in our area:

Rendez-vous in the heart of the forest at Chabrières au parc animalier des Monts de Guéret (Animal Park, the Monts de Guéret) and observe the wolves in their natural habitat. Lose yourself in le plus grand labyrinthe végétal permanent au monde (the largest planted-out maze in the world ). Art and history lovers mustn’t miss the opportunity to visit the musée d’Art et d’Archéologie de Guéret (Art and Archaeology Museum, Guéret).

A perfect area for lovers of water!

La base de loisirs de Courtille (Courtille Leisure Facilities):  an expanse of water comprising of 22 hectares has been dedicated to many nautical activities during the summer period. It is located between the city of Guéret and Chabrières Forest.

La base de loisirs des 3 lacs (Leisure facilities based at the “3 lakes”):   the neighbouring areas of both Anzême and Jouillat offer fully-equipped beaches at the edge of the river Creuse. Story lovers will equally enjoy discovering the region’s heritage, involving themselves fully in local legends such as the Pont du Diable (Devil's Bridge) at Anzême. Chalets and mobile homes are available to rent, both offering easy access to the beaches at Jouillat and Anzême.

All roads lead to us!

Whether you live in Paris, Lyon or Amsterdam and whether you want to escape to the countryside for 2 weeks or simply a weekend, coming as a family to the Monts de Guéret is extremely easy. Owing to its central geographic location, Guéret really is in easy reach from home!!

> From Paris: 3½ hours

> From Marseille: 6 hours

> From Bordeaux: 3½ hours

> From Lyon: 3½ hours

> From London: 9 hours

> From Amsterdam: 8 hours