Cultural and leisures activities

The Monts de Guéret are also rich in culture. Whether you want to listen, read, learn, watch, there are many activities available throughout the year !

Guéret's Museum of Art and Archaeology

The museum, installed since 1905 in the senatorerie hotel has never had any work. In 2018 he begins his moult for the next two years. Reopening is planned early 2021.

Departmental Archives of Creuse

The Departmental Archives of Creuse, service of the Departmental Council, designate both the public archives of a department, the administrative service responsible for their management, the place where said archives...

Grand Guéret Multimedia Library

Inserted in the heart of a cultural and sports complex between the Nelson Mandela esplanade and the municipal swimming pool, the Multimedia Library of Grand Guéret is the privileged place...

Le Sénéchal of Guéret Cinema

Le Sénéchal cinema is a benchmark in Creuse in terms of programming : screenings of arthouse films, participation in literary meetings "Les meetings de Chaminadour", exhibitions.

Espace Fayolle Cultural Center - La Guérétoise de Spectacle

The Espace Fayolle cultural center is a place of animation, dissemination and creation, but also a place of meetings. Within Espace Fayolle, it is also the place of artistic discovery...

Digital Hardware

The digital hardware is a third place, neither private nor public space, between personal space and open space, raising awareness of digital uses and bringing together citizen and collective implications.