State forest of Chabrières

Between the valleys of Creuse and Gartempe, the Forest of Chabrières covers a chain of hills constituting the Monts de la Marche. Immerse yourself in the heart of this national forest and contemplate the landscapes available to you !

Its altitude varies from 450 meters (Courtille lake) to 683 meters (Le Maupuy), 651 meters (Puy de Gaudy) to peak at 689 meters (Puy de Chiroux). From this granite massif where the forest, on more than 2000 hectares, is queen, emerge enigmatic legendary stones: Pierre de l'Ermite, Pierre de la Tribune, Pierre du Loup ... or Pierre Chabranle. An ideal place for a beautiful hike !

5 discovery sites :

  • The arboretum (access from the parking lot of the giant labyrinth)
  • The pond (access from the Pierre la Grosle car park)
  • The anthill (access from the Pierre la Grosle car park)
  • The discovery trail (Take direction Bourganeuf by the D.940 then at the end of the three lanes, turn left and continue for about 1 km and follow the signs)
  • Les Pierres et Légendes (Accessible from the D.940 towards Bourganeuf, then at the end of the three lanes, turn left or from the circuit of hike n°13 )

A virtual forest 

Three paths in the national forest are now planted with terminals equipped with QR codes.

Thirty wooden kiosks are equipped with QR codes that give you access to a forest of information once scanned in your smartphone. This new project piloted by the ONF called "En forêt avec Manon", led by Laurent Rivière (project manager of the forest charter), aims to make discover or rediscover the Chabrières Forest otherwise through new technologies.

3 developed sites :

The Croix des Bois

The discovery trail

Pierre la Grosle's site

By scanning the QR codes, you are directed to the information collected by the ONF on the forest (age of the trees, dates of planting, work carried out ...)

A project suitable for everyone

If the QR code placed on the top of each terminal refers to a general explanatory page, other QR codes are on the sides which refer to an explanation in Falc language (Easy to read and understand) recognized by the Adapei 23, or to an audible explanation.

How to scan QR codes ?

You can download the application that scans the QR codes of your choice (QR scanner for example) on your smartphone and open it to read the QR codes once in the forest. You can also find all the information available on the site :