The house of Jouhandeau

Marcel Jouhandeau is a Guérétois writer (1888-1979). Long "shunned" by the people of Creuse, it is in the spotlight especially during literary meetings taking place in Guéret, the Rencontres de Chaminadour.

Marcel Jouhandeau was born and lived his childhood above the butchery that his father kept, in the family apartment overlooking the rue de l'Ancienne Mairie, also called "rue des Pommes", which he talks about in his book Chaminadour or still in Theophile's Youth.

After a youth spent in Guéret, surrounded by his aunt and his grandmother and placed under the teachings of Catholicism, he will consider entering the seminary. Then after reading, he becomes aware of his homosexuality. This duality between his faith and his sexuality will lead him to a suicide attempt. This discomfort a little past, he will devote himself, on the advice of a friend, to the writing of stories, short stories, stories and essays. Texts often inspired by his hometown which he calls Chaminadour. His writings trigger a strong reaction from the Guérétois who find themselves, despite the name changes, in the satirical writings, mocking the writer who depicts scenes of life of the inhabitants of Guéret in a caustic tone.
Jouhandeau’s work is not limited to the Chaminadour volume. Throughout his very prolific work, we will still remember "La Jeunesse de Théophile", "Les Pincengrain", "Prudence Hautechaume", "De l'abjection", "Memorial" (7 tomes), "Journaliers" (28 tomes) , etc.
Her birthplace cannot be visited. On the other hand, his father acquired with his wife, a residence at 10 rue Joseph Ducouret which it is possible to visit during the Rencontres de Chaminadour or occasional events.