Leisure Parks

Discover sites the most visited by the department of the Creuse, inescapable visits to be made during your stay. Live an adventure in family either between friends unforgettable in the middle of the Wolves of Chabrières or lost in the paths of the huge labyrinth!

The Loups de Chabrières animal park in the Monts de Guéret

Be a privileged observer of one of the most fascinating predators ...situated in the heart of the Chabrières forest, just a few miles from Guéret, the Loups de Chabrières animal...

Parc de loisirs du Labyrinthe Géant de Guéret dans la Creuse

The Monts de Guéret's Giant Labyrinth leisure park

A really original idea for a day-out with friends or a family outing … you're going to love losing yourself in the world's biggest hedge labyrinth!

Adventure Park of Chabrières

On the access road to the wolf den, dive into the heart of the forest and evolve, from tree to tree, to the Adventure Park of Chabrières !