Cani Trottinette

Here is a new unusual activity in the Monts de Guéret : the cani scooter ! Thanks to his huskies, Julien makes you discover the Monts de Guéret in a fun and original way !

It was after a trip to Quebec and meeting Dominique, Musher of over 70 dogs, that Julien fell in love with the discipline. After several courses in total immersion in Canada with his trainer Dominique, Julien decides to fulfill his dream in his native region of Creuse. He made the crazy bet of setting up his own pack and offering Cani Rando, Cani Trotte or Cani Kart activities in the Creuse Forest.
The Cani Trotte is an original and fun activity accessible from the age of 12 years.
The Scooter is towed by one or two dogs.
The activity is physical because the practitioner must work in synergy with the team.
This activity is practiced second after the regular practice of Cani Rando or Cani Cross


Cani Trottinette : (35 to 45 minutes of activity)

  •   Adults : 35 €                                                                                                      
  •   Children 12-16 : 25 €

Meet the pack and visit the 1 hectare park: € 5
Activities are done only by reservation.

Infos / Réservations

Husk'in Creuse - Julien & Fanny

2 Fournoue - 23000 ANZEME

07 80 55 11 26