Are you on vacation in the Monts de Guéret and looking for a fun activity to do with the family ? Discover the meanders of the Chabrières forest near the Parc Animalier des Monts de Guéret, stroll through the landscapes along the Gorges de la Creuse or even discover the historic heart of the city of Guéret : here is the program that awaits you with the puzzles of Terra Aventura ! Become true adventurers and discover the territory and landscapes in a new way through a digital treasure hunt Made In Limousin.

Terra Aventura : The digital treasure hunt !

Terra Aventura is geocaching. An original walk, a treasure hunt of a few kilometers thanks to a GPS, to play and discover the territory, the local heritage and its anecdotes.
Thanks to the 100% free Terra Aventura smartphone application, go on an adventure ! Finding clues, solving puzzles, finding a treasure, finding a cache... This is the principle of Terra Aventura. Explore the Monts de Guéret with the aim of collecting the famous awards : the Poï'z ! These are badges representing small characters with strong character populating the universe of Terra Aventura !
This new generation geocaching with fantastic notes allows you to share unique moments with your family, visit or revisit the territory in a fun and new way, and is aimed both at locals and travelers who meet often unusual or unknown places : enough to learn from each puzzle!
Terra Aventura now has 500 caches spread over New Aquitaine and 34 Poï'z to collect ! It is therefore the opportunity to travel while having fun between Creuse and the South West of France.

Terra Aventura in the Monts de Guéret :

Go on an adventure, discover Terra Aventura and become a geocacher... Because 3 routes await you in the Monts de Guéret! And of course, here are the Poï'z that you will have to track down :

You will realize this by coming to relax in the Monts de Guéret, here, the landscapes are green and the air is healthy! So if you want to become an eco-geocacher, it's very simple: pick up the waste that you come across during your journey, take a picture of your bags containing the collected waste and go to the Tourist Office of Grand Guéret to collect your Poï ' z Zécolo !

Don't have a smartphone ?

Before leaving, remember to print your roadmap !

New in season 9 :

The Poï'z set out to conquer the West and invade the New Aquitaine region. A total of 100 new caches are to be discovered and 2 new Poï'z are to be collected !
Bonus quests : “Bonus quests” are unlocked as you progress through the game. Multiply the discoveries that bring you closer ! To go even further in the Terra Aventura conquest, discover the details of the bonus quests on the dedicated page of the Terra Aventura site.
Wildcards: Need a helping hand to find the cache? Each team has one aid per course and a maximum of 3 jokers for all of the caches. This boost is to be used only on the mobile application.
The coordinates remain in red? Use the help to view and correct your incorrect answers.
Despite the help, impossible to unlock the coordinates? Use a joker to instantly get the right answers and access the treasure !
Are you missing a Joker? To recreate it on your profile, you will need to find 10 caches consecutively without using another !

Then download the Terra Aventura map while waiting for the news of the 2020 Terra Aventura season !

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Do you have difficulties on one of the Monts de Guéret routes? Call us on 05 55 52 14 29 !

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