Hiking in the Monts de Guéret

The Monts de Guéret are full of trails dedicated to hiking. True paradise for walkers, you will explore the mountains and valleys around Guéret and discover splendid landscapes and panoramas. You only have one thing left to do : swallow the miles !

Discover, thanks to the table below, all the hiking trails in the Monts de Guéret. Download the sheet that suits you, print it if necessary and off you go for a family outing or a hike lasting several hours !
WARNING ! Due to a forestry site, circuit n°3 "Railway, dirt road" is currently disrupted.

AjainCircuit n°112.4EasyLe Grand Bois90
Bussière-DunoiseCircuit n°27.7MediumLa Combe de Balsac95
Bussière-DunoiseCircuit n°310.8MediumChemin de fer, Chemin de terre87
Bussière-DunoiseCircuit n°412EasyL'étang de la Vergne77
GlénicCircuit n°513.2EasyL'éperon de la Vallée de la Creuse80
GlénicCircuit n°67.2EasyDe villa en villa92
GuéretCircuit n°76.7EasyChabrières100
GuéretCircuit n°82.9EasyLe Tour de l'étang de Courtille100
La Chapelle-TaillefertCircuit n°95EasyLe Rocher de la femme perdue70
La Chapelle-TaillefertCircuit n°1015DifficultLes cascades de la Rebeyrolle62
SavennesCircuit n°118.4EasyLe chemin des Vergnes96
SavennesCircuit n°126.8EasyLa croix de Reillat99
Ste-FeyreCircuit n°138DifficultLes Pierres et légendes84
Ste-FeyreCircuit n°146.5MediumLes Loups de Chabrières86
Ste-FeyreCircuit n°157MediumLe Puy de Gaudy90
St-FielCircuit n°167.4Very esayLa vallée de la Creuse 
St-Léger-le-Guérétois Circuit n°17 4.3EasyLe Maupuy et ses Pierres Civières 93
St-VauryCircuit n°188.9EasyLe chemin des Morts65
St-VauryCircuit n°1910DifficultLe tour du Puy des 3 Cornes77
St-VauryCircuit n°204.4EasyLe jardin Saint-Valéric100
St-EloiCircuit n°216.7EasyLe camp de César87
JouillatCircuit n°2212DifficultLes plateaux de Jouillat64
JouillatCircuit n°2310.8DifficultLa base de Lavaud74
AnzêmeCircuit n°2412DifficultLe Cros du Loup78
AnzêmeCircuit n°2511DifficultLe Theil70
MazeiratCircuit n°268EasySentier botanique 
PeyraboutCircuit n°278EasyPeyrabout 
Saint Yrieix les BoisCircuit n°284.5EasyLe Château de Beaumont 
Saint Yrieix les BoisCircuit n°293EasySaint Yrieix-les-Bois 

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Regular hikes

1st and 3rd Monday of each month - Hiking
Puy des 3 Cornes Hiking Club (Saint Vaury)
Outside school holidays - 8 and 10 km - 2 p.m. on the church square - 05 55 80 28 86

2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month - Hiking
Puy des 3 Cornes Hiking Club (Saint Vaury)
8 and 10 km - 2 p.m. on the church square - 05 55 80 28 86

One Sunday morning per month from March to November - Hiking
Foyer rural de Saint Laurent - 05 55 41 19 74

Consult the agenda for the date.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday - Nordic walking
PEP'S 23: 05 55 52 29 64 - 06 58 76 07 29