Mountain-biking in the Monts de Guéret

The Monts de Guéret are full of marked mountain bike trails, the area is a paradise for cyclists and especially mountain bikers. Between sensations, breathtaking landscapes, you are not at the end of your surprises ! The reliefs are accentuated, enough to offer you excursions rich in elevation. But not only ! Easy circuits are also available to you for family outings. Then discover mountain biking in the Monts de Guéret !

MTB circuits of the Monts de Guéret

St-Vaury - Aire de CampingCircuit n°128EasyLe Puy des 3 Cornes70
St-Vaury - Aire de CampingCircuit n°212Very easyRoches66
St-Vaury - Aire de CampingCircuit n°336Very difficultLe bois de Chardet83
St-Silvain MontaigutCircuit n°428DifficultLe Château de Montaigut-le-Blanc56
St-Victor en MarcheCircuit n°524Very difficultLe rocher de la femme perdue57
Mairie de Saint-ChristopheCircuit n°611EasyLe Puy de Reillat72
Ste-FeyreCircuit n°721EasyMéminas67
St-Sulpice le GuérétoisCircuit n°833DifficultLes Coussières64
St-FielCircuit n°925DifficultLa Fidélienne67
AjainCircuit n°1031EasyLes Trois Chênes59
St-LaurentCircuit n°118Very easyL'aérodrome42
Ste-FeyreCircuit n°1213EasyMeyrat61
Antenne du Maupuy Circuit n°1321Very difficultLe Maupuy 97
Base de loisirs de CourtilleCircuit n°1422DifficultLe Puy Frenaud55
Antenne du Maupuy Circuit n°1514DifficultLes Pierres Civières 92
Antenne du Maupuy Circuit n°167Very easyL'antenne du Maupuy 42
Parking Pierre la GrosleCircuit n°1717Very difficultLe Puy de Chiroux89
Parking Pierre la GrosleCircuit n°1810EasyPierre la Grosle94
Saint-Victor en MarcheCircuit n°1915Very easyLa Gartempe32
Parking Pierre la GrosleCircuit n°208Very easyL'arboretum99
AjainCircuit n°2118Very easyLe Grand Bois 64
Saint-Sulpice le GuérétoisCircuit n°2213Very easyLes Lavandières52
Saint-Vaury - Aire de CampingCircuit n°2313DifficultSaint-Valéric83
Parc animalier Les Loups de ChabrièresCircuit n°248Very easyPierres et légendes70
Parc animalier Les Loups de ChabrièresCircuit n°2515DifficultLe bois de Sainte-Feyre75
Bussière-Dunoise étang de la VergneCircuit n°2613EasyL'étang de la Vergne67
Bussière-Dunoise étang de la VergneCircuit n°2723DifficutLa Brégère68
Bussière-Dunoise étang de la VergneCircuit n°2833Very difficultPeu Chaud76
GlénicCircuit n°2911.5Very easyGlénic72
GlénicCircuit n°3013EasyLe ruisseau des Mazeaux71
Sainte-FeyreCircuit n°3121Very difficultLe Puy de Gaudy75
Parc animalier Les Loups de ChabrièresCircuit n°3217Very difficultLa Forêt de Chabrières88
AnzêmeCircuit n°3310Very easyLe bois de Montbut57
AnzêmeCircuit n°3428Very difficultLa Sciauve78
JouillatCircuit n°355Very easyLe Château de Jouillat88
JouillatCircuit n°3619.3DifficultLa base de loisirs de Jouillat68
St-EloiCircuit n°3719DifficultLe camp de César65

Mountain bike rental

Are you arriving in the Monts de Guéret without being equipped ? No problem ! The Monts de Guéret Sports Nature Station offers mountain bike rental. You will then have the opportunity to stroll on our marked trails thanks to mountain biking, electric mountain biking or enduro mountain biking.

2020 prices :



Hiking (from 26 "to 29")



Hiking (from 12 "to 24")

Enduro or electric mountain bike20€30€50€160€
GROUP MTB (from 10)5€/VTT7€/VTT--
BABY CARRIER to attach to a bike3€--
BIKE CARRIER for 3 bikes-5€--

Also discover the offers offered by the Pass'time guide on electric mountain bike rentals :
- Pass'time discovery offer : Free half-day for a paid half day or free day for a paid day
- Permanent Pass'time Offer : € 16 for half a day or € 24 for a day
Trekking mountain bike deposit : 300 € - Enduro mountain bike or electric mountain bike deposit : 2000 €