You will love finding your way back to the Monts de Guéret ! In the middle of the forest, using a map and your compass, exceptional routes await you !

Orienteering is a real discipline in its own right. And what could be better than trying to find your way in the middle of the forest of the Monts de Guéret ? Between paths along the rivers and undergrowth paths, every practitioner will find their account there, whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner. So get your compasses!
The Monts de Guéret offer several sites and types of practice :

Courtille's permanent journey

4 circuits are proposed around the water level from Courtille to Guéret, from the easiest to the most difficult :

Orientation Green Circuit

Orientation Blue Circuit

Orientation Red Circuit

Orientation Black Circuit

Semi-permanent forest trails

The beacons are fixed to the trees by cables.
Their locations are changed regularly, which makes it possible to renew the circuits offered.
These courses are located in the Maupuy massif, in the Chabrières forest and on the Puy de Gaudy site :
(The start of the Puy de Gaudy route is from the parking lot, above the equestrian center)

Maupuy easy circuit of 2017

Maupuy difficult circuit of 2017

Gaudy - 2019 Circuit

For the 2 circuits of the Maupuy massif, the departure is from the Maupuy antenna (GPS coordinates : Latitude : 46.15672 | Longitude : 1.83638)

Chabrières forest circuit

For this circuit, the start is at the "Les Loups de Chabrières" Animal Park.
WARNING ! This course is being modified in order to offer you a new course which will soon be available .

The Kle'O course for children

This course is particularly suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old.
The Kle‛o kit is made up of the Kle‛o card for the guide, three play boxes and a coloring diploma for the child.
These items are available free of charge at the Tourist Office of Grand Guéret or at the Animal Park "Les Loups de Chabrières".

Kle'O green

Kle'O green course

Kle'O green cardboard

Kle'O green diploma

Kle'O blue

Kle'O blue course

Kle'O blue cardboard

Kle'O blue diploma

Kle'O red

Kle'O red course

Kle'O red 1 cardboard

Kle'O red 2 cardboard

Kle'O red 3 cardboard

Kle'O red diploma

To help you discover orienteering, go to the French Orienteering Federation website.

How does it work ?

For the beginners

Access to the different routes is free.
Respect fences and private property .