Trail in the Monts de Guéret

Trail running is a true queen discipline of outdoor sports. And it is certainly not for nothing that many practitioners come to train in the Monts de Guéret. Between routes with strong positive elevations and breathtaking landscapes, the Monts de Guéret offer a unique playground in New Aquitaine for trail running. Checked in the calendar of great runners, Le Trail du Loup Blanc, taking place in December each year, gives you the opportunity to run one of the most beautiful races in the region.

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The Espace Trail is open !

We invite you to visit no less than 10 specific marked “Trail” circuits (from 5.9 km and 141 m from D + to 67 km and 2402 m from D +) where each runner, beginner or expert, spots in the Monts de Look out for a playground that lives up to your desires and abilities. Alone or with friends, you find inspiration for active stays in preparation for your season or for the famous "White Wolf Trail" in December.

For lovers of nightlife, 3 circuits are marked with retro-reflective arrows. With a good frontal, training can continue even in winter !

3 entrance doors allow you to reach the different circuits : the Maupuy refuge, the Pierre la Grosle car park and the parking lot of the Parc Animalier des Monts de Guéret "Les Loups de Chabrières". A connection from the Courtille leisure area also takes you to the start of Maupuy.

For your specific training, you have the interval course around the pond of Courtille, a course of Fartlek and a dry climb of 850 m at 10% to the summit of Maupuy.

WARNING ! Due to a forest site in progress on the Maupuy massif, circuits 2 and 3 are temporarily disturbed. We recommend that you be careful around this site.

Trail trace

To find the tracks in GPX format, roadbooks and all the courses, visit the site Trace de Trail in the Monts de Guéret.

The Monts de Guéret, land of Trail

Discover the video of the Trail du Loup Blanc which takes place every year on the 2nd weekend of December.

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