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Culinary specialties

The "Fondu creusois", the flognarde, the Creusois cake, meat and apples from Limousin, mushrooms, chestnuts ... are the specialties and products that you can enjoy in our region.

Recipe Ideas:

  • The "Fondu Creusois"

Cut a good Creuse cheese (traditionally the Gouzon made from regional cows' milk), and which is soft in the middle, into thin slivers, as fine as possible, that you then put in a stoneware  fondue pot in which lightly peppered water is simmering. Add a spoonful of butter. Slowly stir the contents under a low flame to melt the cheese. Then add a large pinch of flour and an egg yolk mixed with two large spoonfuls of fresh cream. Continue to stir slowly to make it mix together properly then pour it through a fine sieve. Serve hot in the fondue pot with sautée potatoes and a plain omelette.


  • The Creusois cake:

Crush the equivalent of two glasses of ripened and finely roasted nuts with four glasses of sugar. Mix it together with three whipped egg whites and a handful of flour. Add 100 g of melted butter and stir thoroughly. Cook on medium heat. The original Creusois cakes were made by monks in curved tiles.

Where can regional produce can be bought?

The shop in which you can find regional produce : 

  • La Boutique Talents de Creuse - Saint-Sulpice le Guérétois +33 (0)5 44 30 04 53
  • La Coop des Champs - Guéret +33 (0)5 55 41 19 42
  • L'Office de Tourisme - Guéret +33 (0)5 55 52 14 29


La Ferme du Grand Verger - Ajain 05 55 81 89 58 - meat

L'escargotière Creusoise - Glénic 05 55 52 58 79  - snails

La Ferme de Courtille - Guéret 05 55 52 37 77 - meat

M. Simonnet - Guéret 06 84 66 37 81 - honey

Organic shop

Bio Creuse - avenue de l'Europe - 23000 GUERET - +33 (0)5 55 52 50 50